Health benefits using bronze utensils for eating from?


According to Ayurveds, it enhances intellect.

It is believed that using Kansa to eat our food and drink water from on a daily basis enhances our immunity apart from purifying the food.

Kansa is a good conductor of heat and retains heat well, thereby keeping the food warmer and its contents richer for a longer period of time.

Kansa utensils makes the items germicidal depending upon the type and concentration of pathogens and the medium they are in, it kills these micro organisms within a few minutes to hours of contact.

The potential efficacy of its components improves indoor air quality.

It is suitable for daily use because it is wear and tear resistant, bright, scratch and wrinkle resistant for decades.

It is equally valuable even after damage as almost 90% of all bell metal alloys are recycled.

kansa dinner set

Kansa Kitchenware has been used since the period of Samhita Kala, or as far back as we know from our recorded history. According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa Kitchenware is also used for its therapeutic applications.

It can be easily identified as it gives a sharp sound (Teekshna Shabdam), is soft (Mridu) and smooth to touch (Snigdha). It is slightly grayish (Eshat Shyamalam) and is clear from impurities (Shubhram/Nirmalam); and it turns red on heating (Dahe Raktam).

In our grandparents times there wasn’t even a single home without Kansa Kitchenware, lets revive the old glory back and reap benefits in the form of good health.

Why Bronze (kansa) ?

Our body needs base metals like copper, Zinc, Tin etc for better health. In Ayurveda also many metal powder (bhasma) is prescribed to cure many diseases. Metals and minerals cannot be produced within the body. External intake of these metals in diet is one of the sources. Plants absorb metals from the soil hence level of metal in them depend on quality of the soil. Therefore vessels and utensils made from these metals are the best source that our grandparents used for years.

According to laboratory test 97% micro nutrients are reserved in Bronze utensils whereas 95% micro nutrients are reserved in utensils.