kansa Dinner Set


Kansa Dinner Set

Kansa Glass (Set Of 6 )

 3,213.39  3,034.82  3,034.82
 6,249.11  5,356.25  5,356.25
 4,100.00 4,200.00

Kansa Dinner Set 6 Pc

Kansa Dinner Set (Thali Set) 6 Pc

 2,991.07 3,169.64
Rated 5.00 out of 5
 3,100.00 3,300.00

Kansa Ice Cream Set

Kansa Ice Cream Set Of 6

 4,909.82  4,463.39  4,463.39

Kansa Dinner Set 6 Pc

Kansa Dinner Set (Dish Set) 6 Pc

 2,946.43 3,125.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5
 3,150.00 3,350.00

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About Us
  • We are one of the very first manufacturers of metal Bronze in Gujarat. We Supply hand crafted Bronze within India.
  • We are a family of artisans who are producing these traditional Bell Metal products as well as sustaining this rare art since last five generations.
  • Gujarat’s only Handcrafted and Pure Kansa / Bronze Dinner set & Kitchenware producer with a span of more than 75 years now. Open now!
Product Quality
  • Purity : Purity of metal is first concern for us. We make sure that raw material is sourced from reliable venders in order to produce 100% pure Bronze utensils. Lab Test Report is also supplied to consumers.

  • Quality : Kansawala Mukundray Fulchand is well known for its quality products. There are many quality checks are done in order to produce quality products.

  • Standardization : Even sized Bronze sheet metal utensils used to be a dream. Ours research and development of years enables us to produce even size Bronze sheet metal utensils.