Gujarat’s only Handcrafted and Pure Kansa / Bronze Dinner set & Kitchenware producer with a span of more than 75 years now. Open now!

Kansara Mukundray Fulchand is a traditional family run firm which produces handmade Kansa; also known as Bronze Utensils, Tableware, Dinnerware and Kitchenware with the efficient and reliable ancient method of Heating & Beating.

We are a family of artisans who are producing these traditional Bell Metal products as well as sustaining this rare art since last five generations.

According to Ayurveda, Kansya ( कांस्य in Hindi) is the best metal to use as a vessel. Bronze / Kansa utensils has been used for centuries for it’s great properties.

We are one of the very first manufacturers of metal Bronze in Gujarat. We Supply hand crafted Bronze within India.

Kansara Mukundray Fulchand is a leading name in producing Best Quality Handcrafted Kansa (Bronze) Utensils, Serving Utensils and home Decor & Furnishing products.

Kansa and Kansara words are very much related to each other. Kansara is derived from Kansa word as they are the only inherited skilled community working on this metal.

Kansara Mukundray Fulchand is a family run firm which is crafting Kansa (Bronze) Utensils, Dinner sets with a span of more than 120+ years now. We handcraft the highest quality & purity Bronze Dinner Set with the same age-old, efficient and reliable techniques.

Our sole purpose is to produce and deliver the highest quality Bronze products.

We have listed down some major benefits of Using it:-

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti Septic
  • Promotes Healthy Red Blood Cell
  • Development
  • Prevents Gastric Aliments
  • Controls Diabetes
  • Prevents Skin Disorder